Formed in 2013 by writer/actor/producer/director LORD ZION; actor/producer VIKKI SPIT and producer/director DAVID VG DAVIES, Cold Slab Pictures is a production company based in the UK whose remit is to make films in the Horror, Thriller, Comedy Horror genres.

The first film, "Meet The Cadavers", was shot in 2013 and is currently in post-production for release in 2015.  "An Intimate Portrait Of A Jobbing Zombie Family" is a mockumentary, completed, awaiting release, starring the main cast from "Meet The Cadavers". Currently in development is a classicly ghostly horror, "The House On High Row".

CANNES 2014 - 2015
We are currently seeking worldwide distribution for "Meet The Cadavers"; both Vikki and Zion had successful meetings with Sales Agents and Distributors at Cannes 2014, many requesting screeners.  "Meet The Cadavers" has the potential to be a cult smash with scope for future movies, spin offs and merchandising.  The movie attracts several different core audiences as well as putting a unique twist on the Zombie genre.

We are making a return trip to Cannes in 2015 with "Meet The Cadavers" under our arms along with information on "The House On High Row", plus other projects we are developing.


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